COVID-19 & Your Safety When Entering the Dental Office

Have dental pain? Worried about visiting the dental office during the current pandemic? Read this entry to find out more!

All of us are going through a lot of change right now. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted our lives in many ways. While there are a lot of things we can’t do, we can still take care of your health.

This includes:

1. Proper Hand Washing Procedures before and after seeing each patient.

2. Proper sterilization techniques of non-disposable instruments and ensuring disposable products are never re-used. Disinfection of all surfaces including placement of protective covers and barriers to cover some equipment.

3. Appropriate use of protective equipment such as barrier gowns, gloves, masks, and eyewear--never using the same pair of gloves or mask on different patients.

Some additional measures currently being taken in our office:

1. Hand Sanitizer for every patient
2. Temperature taken on every patient
3. Social Distancing Procedures followed
4. Purified air for air conditioner

The great news is that collectively as a dental community we still have the opportunity to help our local hospitals and the country as a whole by decreasing the number of hospital visits for dental pain management. Please do not hesistate to call us if you have additional questions or concerns about your safety when visiting the dental office.

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